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Mining pre-feasibility studies and feasibility studies determine if a resource is worth developing. How do you develop the mine in a way that makes financial and economic sense? Our Technical Team can answer these and other critical questions.

Pre-feasibility studies usually include a range of options for the technical and economic aspects of a project and are used to justify continued exploration, to complete the required project permitting or to attract a joint venture partner or investment. The overriding aim of a pre-feasibility study is to select the preferred option, also known as base case scenario, for the project development, which commonly factor in mine access, mining and processing methods. This base case scenario is then developed in sufficient detail to underpin decisions to devote any additional funds required to move the project through subsequent stages of development and to a final feasibility study.
We work closely with clients to reduce risk and uncertainty through pre-feasibility and feasibility studies. We offer a wide breadth of studies including the feasibility of moving a new prospect into production or exploring the need for additional studies on operating mines or in investment decisions.
We offer our clients the highest confidence in the underlying value of your mining project, by providing appropriate analyses and interpretations to support your key project decisions and development strategies. We know what works, and which issues constitute opportunities and risks. Our focus is on getting specific project concepts correct at the front end, where it matters.

  • Mining scoping, pre-feasibility and feasibility studies
  • Mining method analysis and selection
  • Mining production capability assessment
  • Production and development scheduling
  • Capital and operating cost estimation
  • Mining equipment selection
  • Mining logistics capability assessments
  • Mining engineering and infrastructure design
  • Estimation of manpower and management requirements
  • Implementation scheduling
  • Financial analysis modelling and valuation

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